Miami Party Bus Boss

We are a company that helps you see Miami and enjoy its nightlife unlike never before. Our business founded by one of the top music producers in the city. We want to keep you entertained and bring in the fun whenever you need it the most. And with help from our team, you never have to worry about having fun and partying as you see fit.

Also, we bring you packages and special events that will give you the ultimate Miami experience you can’t find anywhere else. You choose where you want to go with the party bus and let us help you reach that destination as fast as possible. We are always committed to giving you a great experience, and you can rely on our team to offer all the assistance, value and support that you want. We believe that professionalism is everything and that’s why you always get the very best value for the money all the time.

Party Bus Rental Prices

Party Bus Boss always has flat fees and no hidden costs. We have a price per hour, and you can rent the bus for as many hours you want. Plus, you can choose us for a one-destination trip or a complete trip that will span all over Miami if you want. Either way, we are here to ensure that you have the best time and enjoy the entire experience unlike never before.

Miami Party Bus Rental Prices

  • One-Way Pick-Up or Drop-Off
    • 1 Hour Minimum at $350 an hour
  • Be The Party -Special
    • First 4 hours at $600 and then $200 an hour

Miami Clubs

We understand that sometimes having the best time requires you to visit multiple clubs within the same night. But when you are having so much fun, the last thing you want is to stop the entire experience. And that’s why you can enjoy the PartyBusBoss bus rental experience. You get the bus and enjoy the drive as you see fit. And then you quickly get to choose the destination and all the features you may need.

We are located in the center of Wynwood Miami, so our bus rentals are effortless to access, and they will arrive at you very fast. Our service is open to all kinds of customers, regardless of their age or preferences. We work with tourists, locals and we always strive to ensure that you get the very best and most enticing experience in Miami. After all, everyone comes here to have fun and enjoy life, something that you will always get when you choose to work with us. Just consider browsing our website right away, and we will be more than happy to help.

Every service is customizable, and we always have reasonable charges for every client. On top of that, the busses are clean, durable, serviced every day and fully equipped to bring you all the fun you want. We believe that the fun doesn’t have to stop when you want to enjoy life with your friends. So if you have up to 24 friends and want to party with them all night, all while browsing the brimming Miami nightlife, check out this excellent party bus rental offer, you will be pleased with it!